Office of Research and Development





The Office of Research and Development, (ORD) was established in November 24, 2010 by the University of Jos Governing Council.
It came from the former Centre for Development Studies, (CDS) where the University employed Research Fellows that conduct researches and present findings accordingly in journals and forums for discussions and implementation. The Centre for Research and Development, (CRD) was the metamorphosis of the CDS. Under this new administration, the CRD opened up researches for the entire University Community rather than have Research Fellows developing the framework of institutional researches.

With the advent of the ORD, all institutional researches are domiciled in the Office: Research Clusters from the Faculties to Departments and individual academic researchers resort to the statutory powers of the ORD.
The key Staff of the Office: Directors, Administrators and Academics have been trained and still undergoing training in various aspects of Research Administration and Management. The trainings both local and international included: The Society of Research Administrators International, (SRA), South African Research and Innovations Management Association, (SARIMA), and the West African Research and Innovations Management Association, (WARIMA).

The Association of Commonwealth Universities, (ACU) and the Carnegie Corporation of New York have also granted the University for the Capacity Development of the Staff of the Office in various areas of Research Administration and Management. This is so as to assist the Academics and Researchers to write fundable research proposals, managing grants, and contributing to the development of the University and society.


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