Guidelines for The Conduct Of SUG Elections



1.         Final year students are not permitted to contest election into any office of the union [except that of Parliament}


2.         Newly Matriculated students (100 level and Direct Entry Students) are eligible to contest into Parliament only.


3.         Students wishing to contest for any of the offices of SUG, Parliament and Hall Government must have no carry over (s).  Aspirants for the Office of the SUG President must have a Cumulative Grade Point Average of not less than 2.50 and other Executive positions must have a C.G.P.A. of not less than 2.00.


4.         Students who belong to any secret cult group cannot run for any of the offices of SUG, Parliament and Hall Governments.  Any candidate though certified, contest and wins election and later found to be a member of any such groups (secret cult) stands disqualified and his/her election nullified.


5.         All aspirants vying for any of the Offices of SUG, Parliament and Hall Governments must undergo a screening exercise to be carried out by the Electoral Committee. The decisions of the Committee shall be binding on all aspirants.


6.         All elections shall be by the secret ballot system, and candidates with simple majority of lawfully votes cast shall be declared winners.


7.         A candidate stands disqualified for any unruly behavior during electioneering campaigns or on the day of elections.


8.         Electioneering campaigns during lecture hours are not allowed and any candidate who violates this stands disqualified.


9.         (a) No pasting of campaign bills on the walls of University, either on campus or in the hostels.   Posters and hand bills should be pasted only on designated notice boards.


            (b) No candidate nor his/her supporter(s) is allowed to write or inscribe campaigns slogans on walls, pathways or any road within the campus and hostels.


10.      All students must note that the Gender policy of the University reserves 30% of all SUG offices for female students.  Accordingly, the offices of the Vice President, Treasurer and Deputy Speaker, in addition to others, are reserved for female students only.


11.      All aspirants must pick up nomination forms at the Directorate of Student Affairs after paying the prescribed fee.  All nomination forms must be filled and returned within the given time as specified on the Election Time Table.


12.      All members of the Electoral Committee are not eligible to contest any of the offices of SUG, Parliament and Hall Government.  They are not allowed to canvass or attend meetings of candidates, for whatever reason(s). Furthermore, their neutrality must stand out in all matters concerning elections of the SUG, Parliament and Hall Government.


13.      The use of megaphones, loudspeakers and any such appliance within lecture areas and offices is prohibited.



14.      All candidates must take full responsibility for the conduct of their supporters throughout the electioneering period.


15.      The use of VERIFIED ORIGINAL School fees receipt, SUG receipt, and school ID cards for voting will be strictly enforced.


16.      All contestable offices are listed as follows with prescribed rates for nomination forms.

  1. President                        =          N20, 000
  2. Vice President              =          N18, 000
  3. Secretary General       =          N18, 000
  4. Financial Secretary    =          N15, 000
  5. Treasurer                       =          N15, 000
  6. Director of Social         =          N15, 000
  7. Director of Sports        =          N12, 000
  8. Assistant Secretary    =          N12, 000
  9. Welfare Secretary       =          N12, 000
  10. Sales Secretary            =          N12, 000
  11. Public Relations Officer         N12, 000
  12. Parliamentarians         =          N7, 000
  13. Hall Governor                =          N12,000
  14. Hall Secretary               =          N10,000
  15. Hall P.R.O                       =          N8,000


17       Picking of Nomination Forms by proxy is not allowed.




Prof. I. Ogboru

Dean, Directorate of Student Affairs