Vice Chancellor's Matriculation Speech






Principal Officers
Deans and Directors
Heads of Department/Divisions/Units
All fresh students and Parents
Gentlemen of the Press
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

It is with delight that I stand before you today to welcome you all to the 2017/2018 matriculation of our fresh students. As the registration exercise comes to an end, it is hoped that no less than 8,000 of you have been registered into the various degree programmes in the University.


Records before us indicate that 35,124(UTME = 28,806, D.E. = 6,318) chose the University of Jos as their First Choice for studies in 2017/2018 Academic Session.  With this high number of applicants, the pressure on the selection process was high and very tight.  While congratulating you for being found suitable for admission at this time, you should count yourselves among the luckiest ones who chose University of Jos as their first choice.


I want to recognize all parents and guardians who are here today to witness this historic event.  Choosing University of Jos as Institution of first choice out of the numerous Universities in this country is a clear confirmation of the confidence reposed on us for our academic excellence known both nationally and internationally.


My dear students and parents, I would like to assure you all in unequivocal terms that I am determined to uphold, protect and ensure the peaceful stay of all students in the University of Jos.


The main objective of this Matriculation exercise is to acquaint you with the fundamental principles, norms and culture of our institution. These core values have projected the image of this institution as a centre for learning and character moulding of our students. The core values also depict the vision of our University which is to nurture a University of high international standard so that the quality of the institution is rated the best in Nigeria and amongst the very best in Africa.


As fresh students, it is expected that you will abide by all rules and regulations of this institution and participate in all activities of the University. You must be fully committed to your studies and justify your selection out of the thousands who wanted to come and study in this noble institution.



Registration is the first step of actualizing your admission into the University.  By now most of you are supposed to have completed or are about completing the Registration exercise.  It is hoped that you will all conclude soonest.  You are not a student until you are fully registered and there is a time limit for the registration exercise.  Once you are not fully registered, you are not a bona fide student of the University.


Any fresh student who encounters any challenge in the course of the registration, should not hesitate to seek for assistance from the Registration Officer in the Academic Office or Office of the Head of Department/Dean of Faculty.


May I also warn you to be conscious of scammers who are in the habit of deceiving unsuspecting fresh students to part with their monies and possessions all in the name of rendering assistance.



The University has an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Centre that provides ICT services to the University and its immediate environs.


Our ICT policy is geared towards instituting e-learning and governance in administration. Efforts are being made towards human capital development for effectiveness and efficiency in our service delivery.  I therefore implore all students to ensure that they avail themselves and make the best use of the facilities provided by the University to acquire these skills and competences before graduation.


(2)     Students are encouraged to attend lectures and promptly too. A

minimum attendance of 75% is required for you to be allowed into

examination halls.


(3)     Continuous Assessment forms the basis of your examination.  It must

be taken with all seriousness as it constitutes 30% or 40% of your examination.  Students are advised never to fail in doing their Continuous Assessment or you fail your examinations.


Sports is an important part of University life.  Scientifically, physical exercise helps the mental and emotional development of the body.  Sports facilities are being upgraded and new ones being added for your benefit. The University participates in Nigerian Universities Games (NUGA) and West African Universities Games (WAUG).


It is gratifying to note that University of Jos pre-eminence in NUGA and WAUG cannot be overemphasized.


The administration is ready to give every encouragement to students and sport-loving members of staff to participate fully in sporting events and compete effectively during the NUGA and WAUG.


I appeal to those of you who are good in sports to identify with the Sports Committee of the University. The University is working hard towards providing facilities that will help in developing sports and recreational activities on the campus. The University Management will work assiduously to improve these facilities so that our students will win prizes during competitions.   My fellow students, at this juncture, I urge you to reveal your talents and support the University during sporting competitions



Associations and groups that register with the Directorate of Student Affairs will be permitted to operate in the University. Religious and social groups are accepted as veritable Units for the character moulding of our students. The University is worried by the massive infiltration of some unregistered Religious and antisocial groups in our campuses.  The University sternly frowns at this development.  Unauthorized groups will be severely sanctioned. We appeal to external bodies linked to these groups to understand and respect our position.

The University does not permit the activities of any antisocial groups operating on the campus. In particular, membership of cult groups is prohibited and offenders will be summarily expelled. If you are already one, you are advised to renounce and voluntarily present yourself to the University for counseling, and help to rehabilitation and reintegration into the society. You are urged not to succumb to any threat to join any antisocial group.



Student Unionism is a lively and important part of the University life. You are encouraged to familiarize yourselves with the Student Union Secretariat. You are also advised to engage meaningfully with the activities of the Union for your benefit.  For those of you who would aspire for leadership positions in the Students’ Union Government in the future, you must aspire to lead with every sense of responsibility and respect for constituted authority.  You are therefore encouraged to participate in Students’ Union activities responsibly without causing unnecessary interruption to the academic calendar so  that you will graduate as at when due along with your peers elsewhere.



The University encourages all students to dress according to acceptable standards. Undue exposure of body parts that have the potential to infuriate the sensibilities of others will be severely sanctioned. The security personnel and the Man ‘O’ War Bay in the University have been authorized to arrest offenders for necessary sanction. In addition, members of staff have been advised to prevent improperly dressed students from entering their offices and attending lectures.



The motto of the University of Jos, as you may be aware, is “Discipline and Dedication”.  You are therefore expected to exhibit high sense of discipline while in the University.  The University will not award it’s degree to students who are found wanting in character and in learning.


You are forewarned that to earn the degree of the University, you must be disciplined in addition to studying hard.



Prior to the fire incident that engulfed the University of Jos main Library Building sometime in October 2016, the University was having library facilities that were among the best in Nigeria. The Library has both hard and e-learning Library materials for students’ use.  You are advised to access these Library materials which are being re-stocked to enhance your studies and research work.



Both newly registered and the returning students are required to always hang their identity cards at all times when they are within the premises of the University.  It is the only symbol of identity to avoid any act of embarrassment by the Security personnel at the University entrance.  Students are therefore expected to have the identification cards in their possession at all times.



There is no gainsaying the fact that the use of the Social Media is the vogue in our society today.  Many have used it for positive communication while many others have used it for negative reasons.  You are advised to use the Social Media for only positive things that will add value to your stay in the University.  In line with the extant rules of the University, no student is permitted to publish anything concerning the University without the written permission of the Vice-Chancellor through the Registrar.  You are therefore advised not to take the laws into your hands.  Any violation of this rule will not go unpunished.



The administration realizes the need for having relatively adequate power and water supply for the teeming population in the University.  To supplement the challenges of Electricity supply, the University has provided Generators in all the hostels to provide power whenever there is power failure by the Electricity Distribution Company (EDC).


Similarly, the University has intensified the drilling of Boreholes in all Hostels to supply water for students’ use.



The University has a number of Buses designated to serve students.  These Buses run between the hostels and various campuses to ease students/ movement and at a lower cost than that of commercial vehicles.  You are all encouraged to patronize these Buses to reduce undue high transportation cost.




The University will continue to work round the clock to ensure the security of lives and properties.  However, you are expected to be security conscious throughout your stay in the University.


In conclusion, I wish to state that your choice of the University of Jos is a wise one and we are committed to seeing that we impart in you, all the necessary skills you deserve on your graduation.

Once again, you are welcome and I wish you happy stay in Jos, Plateau State.  The home of Peace and Tourism.


Congratulations and you are formally welcomed into the University of Jos.


Good luck


Professor S. S. Maimako

Vice - Chancellor