Invitation for Insurance Underwriters and Brokers to Express Interest


The University of Jos wishes to invite prospective Insurance Underwriters and Brokers to express interest in the following Insurance policies:

1) Fire and Special perils (Building)

2) Private/Commercial Vehicles and motorcycles

3) Equipments and Computers Interested and competent Underwriters/Brokers are expected to provide professional Services in area of Insurance cover relating to fixed assets in the above policies.


In line with public Procurement Act, 2007, viable Insurance Companies are to submit the following documents:


i. Certified True Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

ii. Certified True copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association

iii. Copy of Forms CO2 & CO7 iv. Evidence of Registration with NAICOM

v. Certified True Copy of Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three years

vi. Certified True Copy of three years Company’s Annual Returns to CAC

vii. Certificate of Compliance with PENCOM

viii. Audited accounts for the past three years certified by NAICOM

ix. Evidence of VAT Registration and Remittance

x. Evidence of ITF Registration and Remittance

xi. Evidence of NSITF Registration



1. Comprehensive Company Profile including ownership Structure, Management Team, Technical/Other staff, Registered Addresses/Other Contract Details

2. Evidence of Financial Capacity and Banking Support

3. A Statement of Declaration or Affidavit attesting to the fact that none of the bidder’s company director/Principal Officers has ever been convicted for any criminal offences and confirmation of Legal Capacity to other contracts.

4. A sworn affidavit indicating that all documents submitted are genuine, verifiable and that, no officer of the University has a pecuniary interest or is a former, present Director or shareholder in the company.



1. Underwriters are also expected to submit the following:

  i. Detailed Description of your understanding of the Scope of Work

  ii. Evidence of valid reinsurance treaty arrangements

  iii. Evidence of branch network and an identification office address in Jos

2. Insurance brokers are also expected to submit the following:

  i. Detailed Description of your Understanding of the Scope of Work

  ii. Evidence of Current and Adequate Professional indemnity Cover

  iii. Evidence of current membership of NCRIB

  iv. Evidence that at least a key member of staff is an Associate member of NCRIB

  v. Evidence of an identifiable Office in Jos

  vi. Any other submission that may assist the Bank in assessing the Broker capacity.



The submission of the Expression of Interest must be submitted with evidence of payment of non-refundable sum of twenty-five thousand Naira only (N25,000.00) per lot as processing fee, obtained from Bursary, University of Jos. All documents should be spiral bound, packaged in an envelope and clearly marked

“EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR PROVISION OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICES IN AREA OF INSURANCE COVER” for insurance underwriters and “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR PROVISION OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICES IN AREA OF INSURANCE BROKERAGE” for brokers. It should be submitted in Room 94, Administrative Block, Bauchi Road Campus, Jos not later than 12 noon, four weeks from the date of this advert i.e. Tuesday, 29th August, 2017.

The documents shall be opened on that same day in the Senate Chambers, Bauchi Road Campus, University of Jos. All Companies who applied are invited to attend the meeting for the opening of the documents. Interested Underwriters/Brokers are requested to bring along the originals of the documents for sighting during opening of the bids. Please note that the University of Jos reserves the right to reject any or all the expression of Interest documents and is not bound to give reasons to any unsuccessful applicant(s).

Only pre-qualified Underwriters/Brokers will be notified to bid. You may add any other information/details that will facilitate success of the pre-qualification and that which will enhance compliance with statutory provisions.

Kindly contact the Deputy Bursar (Main Accounts), University of Jos for any enquiries.


Mr Monday M. Danjem