Call for TDR International Postgraduate Scholarship on Implementation Science for 2017 Academic Year

Call for TDR International Postgraduate Scholarship on Implementation 
Science for 2017 Academic Year
Application deadline for Masters Degree Programme: 31 July 2016 
Application deadline for PhD Degree Programme: 31 August 2016 
Application deadline for TDR scholarship: 31 August 2016
The University of the Witwatersrand’s School of Public Health announces 
a call for full-time Master and Doctoral Degree Programmes in the field of 
Implementation Science. The award for the programmes is provided by 
TDR, the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical 
Diseases hosted at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, 
The degree programmes are open to candidates from a range of 
disciplines including Clinical and other health-related fields; Statistics and 
other quantitative fields, as well as Demography and Social Sciences. The 
degree programmes should also appeal to candidates who want to 
become more involved in research in health-related fields.
Training will be focused on courses relevant to a career in implementation 
science. Implementation science is a growing field that supports the 
identification of health system bottlenecks and approaches to address 
them, and is particularly useful in low- and middle- income countries 
where many health interventions do not reach those who need them. The 
goal of this scheme is to enhance graduate training capacity and boost 
the number of researchers and practitioners in low and middle-income 
countries. Further information on implementation research is available 
 MSc Epidemiology in the field of Implementation Science (18 months 
 PhD in Implementation Science within the Interdiscipinary PhD 
Programme in Public and Population Health (36 months full-time). 
Applicants into this PhD programme are
required to sit for and pass the five Implementation Science core courses.

 The scholarship is open to nationals of low and middle income 
countries in the WHO African Region that are resident in the region. 
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groups#Sub_Saharan_Africa )
 Applicants should normally be under 35 years for the Master 
Programme and under 40 years for the PhD Programme.
 Meet the University requirements for the level of degree applied for.
The scheme will provide full scholarships for nine Masters and two PhD 
Fellows in the 2017 academic year and covers the following:
 Return economy air fare
 Tuition fees and basic medical and accident insurance
 A monthly stipend to cover living expenses.
 An allowance towards the costs of recommended learning materials 
(reference text books and a laptop)
 Support for the Masters or PhD research project expenses and 
 Payment for an intensive English language course (where necessary) to 
improve the
grantee’s academic performance
Further, recipients’ careers will be tracked with the new TDR Global 
alumni and stakeholder platform that will monitor the impact of the 
programme, as well as networking and increased visibility opportunities 
for the Fellows.
The application process is two-fold.
1. Application to the University of the Witwatersrand
Apply for the desired level of study by completing a Wits postgraduate 
application form online at: Application fee is R200 
for both international and local applications. Applicants should note to 
apply for accommodation also.
Application deadlines are:
31 July 2016 for the MSc Programme and 31 August 2016 for the PhD 
For more information on applications, please go to: for general application queries or Mrs. Gloria 
Bowe ( for the MSc Programme 
related queries and Mr. Paul Bohloko ( for the 
PhD Programme related queries.
2. Application for the TDR scholarship
The application for the TDR scholarship should be made separately in 
writing and should include the following documents:
a. A letter of motivation
b. A certified copy of the bio-data page of the passport
c. Evidence of application to study Implementation Science as the field of 
study in the MSc
Epidemiology Programme at the University of the Witwatersrand or the 
PhD Programme of the School of Public Health commencing in the 2017 
academic year
d. A comprehensive curriculum vitae including a description of relevant 
research and work
e. Two confidential referee reports should be sent directly by the referees 
to Mrs. Gloria
Bowes (
The application deadline for TDR scholarships is 31 August 2016 for both 
the MSc and
PhD Programmes.
Scholarship applications should be sent to: Mrs. Gloria Bowes 
( and copied to Dr. Latifat Ibisomi