Directorate of Physical Facilities

The present Directorate of Physical Facilities is a product of the merger of the former Physical Planning Division and the Works and Maintenance Department that place in March 2007. Physical Planning Division came into existence as a directive from the National Universities Commission. The university complied with the directive in 1978 by establishing the division under the Vice Chancellors Office. Similarly, Department of Works was established that same year. This set up existed until 1983/84 session that the two entities were merged to become Directorate of Physical Facilities headed by Development Coordinator (Physical Planning) and the Co-ordinator Physical Facilities (Works and Maintenance). The union did not last long; by 1986 the two departments were de-merged and headed by Director of Physical Planning and Head, Works and Maintenance. This arrangement continued until the establishment of the present Directorate of Physical Facilities in March 2007. 


Arc. (Mrs.) Halima Auta