Title Department Position Date of Asumption
Ibrahim Mohammed Chemistry Assistant Lecturer
Dr. Dabu Bulus Ayuba Obstetrics and Gynaecology LecturerI
Olurunsuwa Elijah Ola political Science Assistant Lecturer
Odaudu Paul James Electrical Electronics Technologist II
Adegbenle Adeniya Sunday Electrical Electronics Technologists II
Ukah Abigail Ogechi Geography Graduate Assistant
Okolo Igonoh Achenyo Educational Foundations Lecturer II
Nna Chinanu Gift Library Higher Library Officer
Kasimu Ladan Directorate Student Affairs Hall Officer
James Antikirya Ghumdia Physical and Health Education Graduate Assistant
Odumu Ene Jennifer Bursary Accountant II
Ngbale Huntullo Library Assistant Librarian-in-Training
Theresa Yekbyen Dogo Advancement Office Research and Proposal Writer II
Udeh Peter Adah Nuring Science Preceptor II
Monica Tanchit Binjin Directorate Student Affairs Counsellor II
Lilian Nanko Joro Directorate Student Affairs Counsellor II
Jurbe Delmwa Florence Medical Laboratory Science Assistant Lecturer
Bolfa Jerry Nimlam Procurement Unit Procurement Officer II
Prof. Jacob S. Jatau Department of Mechanical Engineering Visiting Professor
Mr. Nicholas Davil Department of Medical Laboratory Medical Laboratory Technician
Mr. John Israila Joshua Department of Science Laboratory Technology Assistant Lecturer