Subject Libraries

The University of Jos Library is organized into Subject Libraries, representing the 12 Faculties in the University. Each library is governed by Subject Librarians who, together with the lecturers and students of their respective faculties, develop the collections and promote readers services. The Subject Libraries and the staff responsible are:



ARTS Librarian - Mr. Jonah Adah
AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES Librarian - Mrs. Nanlop S. Bibot
EDUCATION Librarian - Mrs. Garos D. Choji
ENGINEERING Librarian - Mr. Eric Martyns
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES Librarian - Dr. Gupiyem G. Gupiyem
LAW Librarian - Mrs. Subrina O. Opara
MANAGEMENT SCIENCES Coordinator - Mr. Sunday A. Malan
MEDICAL SCIENCES Librarian - Dr. Daniel Abubakar
NATURAL SCIENCES Librarian - Ms. Judith O. Ogbole
PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES Coordinator - Mrs. Abigail A. Badewa
SOCIAL SCIENCES Librarian -Mrs Abi Godiya Enna
VETERINARY MEDICINE Librarian - Mrs. Grace I. Nwokedi