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Transform Higher Education and Student Learning Open textbooks are licensed by authors and publishers to be freely used and adapted. Download, edit and distribute them at no cost. Now offering 997 open textbooks, the Open Textbook Library is supported by the Open Education Network.


As a global eBook publisher, offers a wide range of over 1,000 textbooks for students and 600 eBooks for business professionals in 10 languages. It is also the world’s first online book publisher to provide free textbooks for students.


The largest ebook library that covers all subject areas. This database has over 2,430,758 books with direct links which are free. All books are assigned to a category. So, if you know author or book title, use the search from the site main page.


Bookyards.. Library to the world mission is to provide the same information and content that one can receive at any large public library, and to provide it through the world wide web

Bookyards goal/dream is to be 'The Library to the World', in which books, education materials, information, reference materials, documents, and content will be provided freely to anyone who has an internet connection. By providing it in a format that will be both easy to use, useful and interesting, we strongly believe that we can then help in some small measure to reverse the trend that the Smithsonian Institute has discovered. By bringing such a library to the world, and providing it to everyone regardless of race, age, creed, or religion, it is also our hope that at the end of the day we have helped in some small measure to improve the human condition. In return, we ask for your feedback and your understanding as we continue to work in updating and building this site.


EBOOKEE is a search engine of ebooks on the Internet


University essays from Sweden is a digital resource which enables you to search and download thousands of English-language university essays from Sweden.

Free Computer Books

Free Computer books consist of a huge collection free online Computer, Programming, Mathematics, Engineering and Technical Books, Lecture notes and Tutorials. It is very categorized by topics, with 13 top level categories, and over 200 sub-categories. It has both pattern and keywords search engines for you to search titles very quickly. The keyword search engine is powered by google.


Download free scientific publications Life sciences - Health sciences - Physics sciences - Mathematics - Social sciences & Humanities.

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A site that brings both authors and readers into the world of free legal ebooks. Authors with their ebooks will benefit greatly from the large community of readers and the readers will in return, of course, will have lots of materials to read to their hearts’ content.


There are more than 29,000 eBooks available for Kindle, Nook, iPad and most other eReaders, and they're all free! If you still can't decide what to read you might want to browse through some covers to see what strikes your fancy.


Over 2300 contemporary ebooks available in pdf, epub and kindle file formats ready for downloads to computers, tablets, ereaders and phones.


Open Library have gathered over 20 million records from a variety of large catalogs as well as single contributions, with more on the way.

Open Library is a project of the non-profit Internet Archive, and has been funded in part by a grant from the California State Library and the Kahle/Austin Foundation.


PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 308,745,771 eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy it and don't forget to bookmark and share the love!


SparkNotes is a resource you can turn to when you're confuzzled. It helps you understand books, write papers, and study for tests. It is clear and concise, but  never leaves out important info.