Ige Biosketch




Ige, Olukemi Omowumi


Senior Lecturer, Consultant Paediatrician University of Jos/ Jos University Teaching Hospital





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University of Jos






Medicine/ Surgery


Jos University Teaching hospital


Fellow West African college of Physicians


















A. Personal Statement

The goal of the proposed research is to determine the incidence and risk factors of congenital heart disease in our environment. The incidence will be determined by examination, electrocardiography and echocardiography of all newborn babies born at the Jos University Teaching Hospital over a year. I have the necessary expertise and motivation that is needed to successfully carry out this work.  I have a fellowship in Paediatrics with training in Paediatric Cardiology. My post graduate dissertation was on “Echocardiographic findings in HIV infected children”. I have also carried out a study on “Electrocardiographic findings in HIV- positive children”. I recently just concluded a study - The Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) global registry, a study involving other African countries and India as a co- investigator as well as a MEPIN sponsored research on cardiovascular disease risk factors in HIV positive children. I am presently co- investigator on another international study on rheumatic heart disease where  we are studying its genetics. 

I am aware of that frequent communication among project members and setting a realistic research plan, timeline, and budget is of utmost importance. This application builds logically on my prior work. My mentors Prof Fidelia Bode- Thomas and Prof Stephen Oguche and my co-investigator Dr Yilgwan will provide additional expertise needed for this research to be successful.  I believe that my previous experiences and trainings has prepared me to take on this project.


B. Positions and Honors

Positions and Employment

September - October 2000 – Elective Posting In Geriatric Medicine, South Tyneside District Hospital, United Kingdom

September 2001- August 2002 – House Officer, Jos University Teaching Hospital

September 2002- August 2003 – Medical Officer, College Of Education Health Centre, Benin

September 2003- April 2004 – Medical Officer, Tadam Medical Centre, Jos

May 2004- April 2005 – Senior House Officer, Jos University Teaching Hospital

May 2005- November 2006 – Registar, Jos University Teaching Hospital

December 2006- November 2007 – Senior Registar II, Jos University Teaching Hospital

December 2007 – June 2010 – Senior Registrar I Jos University Teaching Hospital,

June 2010 till date – Lecturer I, University of Jos

November 2010 till date – Honorary consultant, Jos University Teaching Hospital


Other Experience and Professional Memberships

Volunteer Paediatrician, Heart Aid Trust, Jos (2007 till date)

Research methodology in Medicine (Workshop) in Lagos: 2006

Paediatric Cardiology/ Interventional cardiology training – May – August 2012

Training of the trainers, workshop on case- based teaching methods Ijebu- Ode, Ogun state: 2013

Medical and Dental Council Registration

Member: Nigeria Medical Association

Member: Medical and Dental Consultants’ Association

Member: Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASSU)



Distinction in Anatomy – July 1997

Best Student, Medicine – Aug. 2001

Excellence in paediatrics award – December 2010

World Congress of Cardiology Award – April 2011



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Papers presented at Seminars, Workshops and Conferences

  1. Correlation between mid- arm circumference and body mass index in HIV- infected children – Nutrition society of Nigeria conference 2010 – Oral presentation
  2. LV function in HIV- infected children –Excellence in Paediatrics conference 2010, London – Oral presentation
  3. 2- Dimensional ECHO findings in HIV- infected children – Paediatrics association of Nigeria conference (PANCONF) 2011, Abuja– Oral presentation
  4. QTc interval in HIV positive children – World Congress of cardiology conference – April 2012, Dubai – Poster presentation