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Gimba, Zumnan Mark


Consultant Physician/Nephrologist

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University of Jos





West African College of Physicians



Internal Medicine


International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis

ISPD Fellow


Peritoneal Dialysis


West African College of Physicians



Internal medicine/Nephrology






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  1. Personal Statement

The aim of this study is the assessment of the cardiovascular risk of patients infected with HIV and who are on highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). With the advent of HAART, significant improvement in life expectancy has resulted in increasing numbers of HIV-infected persons developing chronic conditions like cardiovascular diseases. This increased burden of cardiovascular disease among HIV-infected persons have been attributed to factors related to the disease like chronic inflammation from the virus, side effects of treatment with HAART as well as the established risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease in the general population among others. The burden of cardiovascular disease risk in persons living with HIV/AIDS in our environment is unknown. . I am aware of the importance of making a realistic research plan, budget and the need to be guided accordingly. Hence I have been assigned a Nigerian mentor (Dr Oche Agbaji) and a US mentor (Dr Matthew Feinstein) who have vast experience in the management of patients with HIV and cardiovascular diseases  to provide guidance for this research.

  1. Positions and Honors

  Positions and Employment

2003-2004- House Officer, Jos University Teaching Hospital, Plateau State

2004-2005- Medical Officer, General Hospital Igboji, Ikwo, Ebonyi State

2005-2006- Medical Officer, May Hospital, Shendam, Plateau State

2006-2010- Registrar in Internal Medicine, Jos University Teaching Hospital, Plateau State

2010-2014- Senior Registrar in Nephrology

2014-2014-Specialist senior registrar in Nephrology

2014-Date- Consultant Physician/Nephrologist

Experiences and professional membership

2012-Date- Member, Nigerian Association of Nephrology

2003-Date- Member, Nigerian Medical Association

2010-Date- Member, International Society of Nephrology

2010-Date- Member, International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis

2014          Collaborator, ISN ‘0 by 25’ Global Snapshot on Acute Kidney Injury

2015                MEPIN mentored research on AKI incidence and outcomes in patients in the ICU

2017          Principal Investigator, Cardiovascular risk assessment and outcomes in HIV patients on highly active antiretroviral therapy in Jos, Nigeria


2012- Travel Grant to attend ISN Nexux symposium on ‘Bone and the Kidney’ September 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark

2012- ISPD sponsorship for a 3 month fellowship in peritoneal dialysis at the Tygerberg Academic Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa. October-December 2012

  1. Selected Peer-reviewed Publications


  1. Galactorrhoea with hyperprolactinemia in a patient with lupus nephritis

Gimba, Z.M, Abene E.E, Ogiator M.O, Agbaji O.O, Agaba E.I

NANCONF 2013, Abuja

  1. Encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis in a South African peritoneal dialysis patient- a case report

Gimba, Z.M, Abene,E.E, Sebastian S, Adeniyi A.B, Davids M.R

NANCONF 2013, Abuja

  1. Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in CKD patients in a teaching hospital in Nigeria

Zumnan M. Gimba, Monday Ogiator, Adeyemi Adewole, Oche Agbaji, Emmanuel I. Agaba

WCN Cape Town, South Africa, 2015

  1. Report of World Kidney Day screening 2013 and 2014 in two institutions in Jos, Nigeria

N.Ifebunandu, E.I Agaba, P.A Agaba, Z.M Gimba, E.E Abene

WCN Cape Town, South Africa, 2015

  1. Prevalence of chronic kidney disease in hypertension in North central Nigeria: Results of a 3 centre cross sectional study Esala Abene, Barbara Akinbuwa, Jemimah Edah, Zumnan Gimba, Emmanuel Agaba, WCN Cape Town, South Africa, 2015
  2. Secondary hyperparathyroidism and erectile dysfunction in CKD .Agaba,E.I, Gimba, Z.M. WCN Cape Town, South Africa, 2015
  3. Prevalence and clinical correlates of obstructive uropathy among adult chronic kidney disease patients in JUTH.Gimba, Z.M, Ojo, S.O, Onyenuche, C, Uchendu, G.D, Agbaji, O.O, Agaba, E.I .NANCONF, Sokoto 2016
  4. Hypernatraemia and the challenges of management in a resource poor setting- A case report. Ojo, S.O, Onyenuche, C, Uchendu, G.D, Gimba, Z.M, Agbaji, O.O, Agaba, E.I. NANCONF, Sokoto 2016



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  2. Gimba Z.M, Akinbuwa BA, Agaba PA, Agaba EI. Audit of ant-hypertensive medication prescription in Nigeria: a comparison of two tertiary hospitals. Highland Med Res J 2013; 13: 65-70
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D.        Research Support

MEPIN mentored research