Department of General and Applied Psychology

Dr. Mrs Gloria S. Karuri
Head of Department


The Department of General and Applied Psychology, University of Jos was one of the first departments established in 1976. The department was set up by pioneer staff like Professor Haffeez Zaidi of blessed memory and some members of staff most of whom were expatriates. The department launched the Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Psychology in 1988. In addition to her Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in General Psychology, postgraduate programmes in Clinical and Organizational Psychology at Masters (M.Sc.) and doctoral (Ph.D.) levels have been running over the years. The Diploma in Applied Psychology (DAP) and Advanced Diploma in Applied Psychology (ADAP) were introduced to meet the needs of the workforce that may not be able to engage in full time studies. New postgraduate programmes in Social, Developmental and Personnel psychology will soon commence. Due to public demand, a postgraduate diploma in general psychology (PGDP) has been approved for take-off.


As a Science course, Psychology seeks to discover patterns, using facts, principles and generalizations, in order to increase knowledge, understanding and control of behavior in various social and cultural settings, groups, institutions and organizations. The Philosophy behind the B.Sc. Psychology curriculum of University of Jos is therefore to equip students with skills, concepts and abilities which can help them to understand, predict, condition, control and change human and animal behaviours for the overall social, economic, political and national development of Nigeria, other developing countries and the world at large. The Philosophy of the Psychology Department is to remain relevant to the practical problems of human existence, within our immediate communities and nation; and to equip both staff and students with the requisite knowledge to become successful within their environments and the wider world. Such focus of teaching also aims to imbue into students the enthusiasm for Psychological research and knowledge acquisition and their ultimate applications for human beings.


MISSION The guiding academic goal of Psychology Department shall be in tune with global best practices in curriculum content to empower students to meet employment challenges and professionalism in the 21st century environment. VISION The Department of General and Applied Psychology, University of Jos started in 1976 and remains with a clear vision and aspiration to become a department of the highest standards and quality, as a centre of excellence in the tertiary educational institutions in Nigeria. It strives to become one of the best three departments of psychology (General and Applied), in education, training and practical skills in all of Africa. The department remains focused on sound scientific, theoretical and applied education with emphasis on applications of psychological knowledge to the solution of human and social problems. It is also committed to establishing a Psychological Services Centre whose staff are creative, innovative and cross-cultural in their approach and strategies. The Psychological Services Centre operations, orientation and methodologies will remain on the cutting edge in advancing the prevention, amelioration and alleviation of human and social problems due to dysfunctional lifestyles and patterns of living. The Department of General and Applied Psychology also envisions being a pivotal force in the establishment (vis-à-vis our graduating students) of comprehensive community mental health centre specifically in Jos and Nigeria in general. The primary mission of the Department of General and Applied Psychology, University of Jos, is to remain committed to the investigation, experimentation, understanding, interpretation and dissemination of the science of psychology. It is determined to catalogue and extrapolate the knowledge derived from the science of psychology through teaching, research and applications.


Graduates of the B.Sc. Programme in Psychology will: • Understand current theories with themes in Psychology and their relevance to the Nigerian context. • Be equipped with psychological techniques for personal, community and national development. • Be empowered to apply psychology knowledge and skills to be self-reliant. • Be acquainted with international issues and trends in psychological research and practice.


Psychological Services Centre The Department of General and Applied Psychology has a facility at Naraguta Hostel, named Psychological Services Centre. The Psychology Services Centre provides Psychological Services of a diagnostic and treatment nature to University students and staff. In addition, it also provides organizational and management consultancy to the University community. The facility is also a “teaching-training” facility for the departmental practical courses, dealing with applied concepts, primarily in clinical psychology. Psychological Laboratory The Psychological laboratory is located the Faculty of Social Sciences, Permanent Site. The laboratory is primarily used for M. Sc. lectures. The Laboratory currently contains a number of materials necessary for both practicum in psychology and experimental psychology. Departmental Library Up-to-date textbooks, journals and other information resources are provided in the Department Library.


a. Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) In addition to the University general admission requirements, candidates for admission into the four-year degree in Psychology should possess a Senior Secondary School Certificate or General Certificate of Education, or their equivalents with at least five credit passes, at not more than two sittings including Credits in Mathematics, English Language and Biology. In addition, candidates must have acceptable passes in UTME including Biology and three other subjects. b. Direct Entry (DE) In addition to the University’s general admission requirements, candidates for Direct Entry admission shall possess five Credits in GCE, SSCE, or their equivalents, of which at least two shall be at Advanced Level, provided that such passes are not counted at both levels of the examination. For emphasis, English Language, Mathematics and Biology are required at credit passes. Candidates will be accepted with a Diploma in Psychology or IJMB. DURATION OF PROGRAMME A minimum of four academic sessions are required for students admitted through UTME and three academic sessions for Direct Entry.