Welcome to College of Health Sciences

The New Medical School at the University of Jos formulated its aims and objectives in 1997, that to date remain the goal for developing an institution which would best meet the needs and aspirations of the nations. It was recognized that there was a need to define objectives for the new school; objectives which would relate to the nations goals in terms of health care, taking into account the abilities of the nations youth, while creating an institution with undoubted distinction and uniqueness relevant to it’s geographical location. The group also believes that the school should have clearly defined goals towards which and that mechanism should be evolved which would enable periodic self-assessment to take place and allow for modifications of objectives or modes of implementation to be effected. Four years later, some progress has been made towards these goals and the first review of the objectives and their implementation has been made.

1.The primary aim of the college of Medical sciences of the university of Jos is to participate in meeting the national objectives on Medical Education and health care delivery.

2.The college in this regard will aim to evolve an educational system based on the production of health care team. This concept emphasizes the key role of the doctor, working in close collaboration with other health personnel in health care delivery.

3.The product of the college will be an individual with the appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding to meet to meet the present and future health needs of the community and who will continue to further his own personal education.

4.The college will aim to develop a center of scholarship and research.

1.In pursuance of these goals the college will be organized into faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, and Pharmacy as well as other faculties that may be required to produce leadership cadres in the various health disciplines.

2.Trainig in these various faculties, will be organized in such a way as to inculcate the idea of a team. The college of Medicine will achieve this, by exposing it’s members wherever practicable at various stages of their training, to the same learning experiences. When various team members receive specialized instruction relevant to their own disciplines, the interaction with and the roles of other team members will be emphasized.

3.The college of Medicine will actively participate in the promotion of health care in areas within easy reach of the university; through the establishments of teaching units in local hospitals and through the organization of community Health programmes.

4.The college recognizes that traditional medical training exposes students largely to selected clinical situations and to achieve our stated goals members of the health team will be exposed at some stage in their training, to health problems typically manifested in the general population, through participation in health care at rural and district hospital levels.


Dean: Prof. Simon Yiltok