Fine and Applied Art

fine and applied arts



The fine and applied arts programme is aesthetic and functional driven. Staff and students are encouraged to develop strong academic, personal and interpersonal knowledge in visual arts culture, aesthetics, art history, entrepreneurial skills and engaging in global best practices to stand out as avant-garde in aesthetics and ground breaking designs. These will be achieved through concept driven designs, cognitive and psychomotor developments in order to develop environmentally friendly artworks.



Art history exposes the students to the various aspects of visual arts. The historical aspects, current trends and projections for the future, The courses survey the ancient Nigerian culture of Nok, Ife, Benin, Igbo – Ukwu, Owo art, and other art cultures and traditions in the country. Some art works in Africa of traditional styles and orientation and the periods of execution. Also, various aspects of modern Nigerian and African contemporary art practices with the early pioneers are exposed to the students.

General exploration of the various art forms, materials, techniques and the intrinsic meanings of the works. Discussions on art criticism and the various aspects of art historical services like curatorial services, cultural exploration, tourism / festival officers’ place in the study of the subject matter and other relevant issues to art history.