Guideline for Research

The Mandate And Role Of Centre For Nomadic Education, University Of Jos 

The Centre for Nomadic Education is one of the four National University Centers for Nomadic Education activities in Nigeria under the National Commission for Nomadic Education (NCNE), Kaduna. Each of the University Centres has specific roles to play

The Role of the Centre for Nomadic Education at University of Jos 

Guidelines on the operation of Nomadic Education programmes in Nigeria as spelt out and issued from the office of the Executive Secretary, National Commission for Nomadic Education (NCNE) No. 9 Kashim Ibrahim Road, Kaduna, Nigeria in August, 1997 are as follows:

Nomadic Education Centre, University of Jos. The Centre at the University of Jos shall conduct research, evaluation and experiments on:

  1. The culture / life styles of nomads, including their occupations;
  2. The role of women in nomadic communities;
  3. The nomads' economic activities;
  4. The migratory patterns of nomads;
  5. The demography of nomads;
  6. The attitudes of nomads to education;
  7. The relationships between nomads and sedentary groups;
  8. Educational methodologies so as to determine their utility; appropriateness and adaptability.

In addition, the Centre shall evaluate educational and other developmental projects which focus on nomads. The Centre at University of Jos shall make available to the Centres at Sokoto and Maiduguri, the reports of all researches and evaluate studies it has undertaken and also keep them informed about its research agenda and priorities.
Under the same guidelines on the roles / functions of Government, Agencies, NGOs, and Communities on the implementation of Nomadic Education Centres, University of Jos shall conduct research and disseminate its findings on the culture, demography, political economy of nomads, and experiments on educational methodologies etc.
A Directorate that facilitates effective co-ordination, streamlining, monitoring and evaluation of Academic development processes.

The Centre's Networking Research Committees initiative is an innovation of the Centre towards achieving its role and mandate faster and more effectively. Note: The Networking Committees are ad-hoc research committees with specific time-frame to assist the Centre build a National Centre with Data, Research Evaluation Reports, and Experiment Reports on nomads and their education.
The Centre has identified you as participant in an aspect of the nomadic research initiative under a specified group with specified research foci. This has been done after a careful consideration of your academic / professional background, research interests, activities and potentials. i) Centre has identified one member of each group to be the Chairman who will lead activities of the group and a secretary who is both member / participant of the group as well as its Secretary. All members of each research group are researchers within the group ii) Every networking research committee (except the Health groups and special research groups) has on the minimum, 6 members and 8 members on the maximum. Where your group does not have up to eight members, kindly incorporate willing lecturers in the relevant areas of specialization to your group for the purpose of the research. We will then supply him / her with an official letter of engagement.
The focus of nomadism in the Commission includes pastoralism, farming and fishing presently although, aspects of nomadism is gradually expanding into work force as we see a lot of nomadic workers patterns all over the place in Nigeria.
This Centre is looking forward to your participation and is therefore soliciting for the confirmation of yourconsent to help her achieve her dream stride of building a Data Bank on researches, evaluations and experiments reports of international repute on nomadism and nomadic education in Nigeria. Please indicate in writing to the Centre's Director, your willingness to participate in the research networking initiative, after considering carefully our guidelines as follows:- Note: Most members of the committees who had earlier written to show their consent to assist the centre and participate in this University and National assignment should please kindly write again to show their consent by also supplying Centre with vital information in the attached form. Thank you for an anticipated consent to help the Centre for Nomadic Education, University of Jos, the National Commission for Nomadic Education (NCNE), Kaduna and the nation at large on the data and evaluation research aspects of Nomadic Education in Nigeria.
For the first phase of activities (6 months). Please bite what you can chew within this first research time-frame of 6 months and prepare research proposal for carrying out: An evaluation and / or A research and /or Baseline study for baseline data and / or An experiment on the research foci identified for your group For the second phase of activities (also 6 months) Take another topic (aspect) or continue with an aspect treated in the first phase of activity and prepare proposal for carrying out: An evaluation and / or A research and /or Baseline study for baseline data and / or An experiment on the research foci identified for your group
Every committee will serve a one year tenure in the networking initiative after which their membership can be re-engaged or reconstituted as appropriate based on their effectiveness or input. Any initial working committee can be re-engaged for normal research activities of the Centre or specially invited to carry out a needed research as necessary from time to time.
The Centre is encouraging collaborative lecturers / researchers to promote researches on Centre's research foci on continuous basis through the following strategies:- As individuals, carry out on-going researches on nomadic issues. Encourage students you are supervising projects or theses to either research into nomadic issues or include nomads in their study samples. In this way, data can be generated for the benefit of Centre also. Centre's special invitation or involvement in her research activities or data collection, data coding analyses and seminars presentation, trainings etc. will be continuously promoted.
There are several ways we are trusting God for funding of researches / studies. Centre will promote, encourage and participate in searching for funders. Centre will also recommend and promote to funders, individuals or committees she is involving in her networking research activities. Centre will assist students (in small ways who choose to research into nomadic issues or include some nomads in their study samples. Potential funders are as follows: The National Commission for Nomadic Education, Kaduna and its External Collaborators. TETFUND research funding opportunities through ORD office of the University of Jos. Research Africa collaboration with the Centre Other numerous funders that can be located on the WEB Senate Research funding opportunities and other University research funding opportunities offered lecturers through their faculties and departments.
Individuals and Committees' networking in our research initiative, will participate in the proposal preparations and submission to funders including full budget preparations. When grants are awarded, the individuals / committees will manage the funds in collaboration with Centre's and funders' guidelines including retirements to funders and submission of a copy of the report to Centre. A small percentage will be inbuilt into budget proposal for Centre's management of research preparations of field workers and data collectors' involvement and trainings. Centre with publish research reports in her Research Digest Initiative to be fully edited. Centre will then run national seminars either quarterly or biannually and publish the results in a "Research Digest on Nomadism and Nomadic Education in Nigeria".
As an academic, you are being afforded an opportunity to research and contribute to the education of the nation especially of nomads. As lecturer / academic, your works will be published and enrich you curriculum vitae. Your participation will increase your academic and research skills as well as experience. You will get involved in the international research networking activities with antecedent academic research benefits. Centre will document your name in gold in her archive of history of participants in the development of the Centre and promotion of the education of nomads in Nigeria and the world at large.