Center for Nomadic Education

The Mandate And Role Of Centre For Nomadic Education, University Of Jos 

The Centre for Nomadic Education is one of the four National University Centers for Nomadic Education activities in Nigeria under the National Commission for Nomadic Education (NCNE), Kaduna. Each of the University Centres has specific roles to play.


To build data bank of baseline data and reports of researches, experiments on and evaluations of nomads (pastoralists farmers) and their education.
To carry out researches, experiments and evaluation that will guide, promote, facilitate and strengthen their education of nomads namely: migrant pastoralists and farmers who are educationally disadvantaged groups in Nigeria that will: guide the Government and Commission in formulating policies and issuance of guidelines in matters relating to nomadic education in Nigeria. serve the other University Centres namely: Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto saddled with the mandate of curriculum, reading and teaching materials, teacher training programs, outreach programs, including electronic; and resource materials on nomadic education. University of Maiduguri, saddled with the mandate of teacher training programs, nomadic education outreach programs including electronically mediated ones in collaboration with other centres, institutions, National Teachers Institute and National Educational Technology Centre.
Generate baseline data, conduct researches and experiments, carryout evaluation of nomadic educations. Specifically, conduct research into nomadic life styles including occupations, the women, economic activities, migratory patterns and their demographic distribution, relationships and attitudes to education, experimental educational methodologies and evaluate programs relating to nomads.
Prof. Emeka Desmond ozoji
Director: Center for Nomadic Education