Deans Departments Action
Natural Sciences Prof. (Mrs.) Georgina S. Mwansat Chemistry
, Computer Science
, Geology
, Mathematics
, Microbiology
, Physics
, Plant Science and Technology
, Remedial Sciences
, Science Laboratory Technology
, Zoology
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Pharmaceutical Sciences Prof. Jacob Kolawole Biotechnology Pharmaceutics
, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice
, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
, Pharmaceutical Microbiology
, Pharmaceutical Technology and Industrial Pharmacy
, Pharmacognosy and Traditional Meidicine
, Pharmacology
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Social Sciences Prof. A. C Abimiku Economics
, Political Science
, Psychology
, Sociology
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Medical Sciences Prof. Simon Yiltok Anaesthesia
, Anatomy
, Biochemistry
, Chemical Pathology
, Dentistry
Community Health
, Ear Nose and Throat
, Family Medicine
, Psychiatry
, Haematology and Blood Transfusion
, Medical Instructional and Technology Unit
, Medical Laboratory Science
, Medical Microbiology
, Medicine
, Nursing
, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
, Ophthalmology
, Otraumatology and Traumatology
, Paediatrics
, Pathomorphology
, Physiology
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Management Sciences Prof. Samuel A. Ocholi Accounting
, Actuarial Science
, Banking and Finance
, Insurance
, Business Mangement
, Marketing
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Law Prof. Clement C.J. Dakas Commercial Law
, Public Law
, Private Law
, International Law and Jurisprudence
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Environmental Sciences Prof. Daniel D. Dabi Architecture
, Building
, Estate Management
, Geography and Planning
, Quantity Surveying
, Urban and Regional Planning, Fine and Applied Arts
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Engineering Prof. Stephen J. Mallo Civil Engineering
, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
, Mechanical Engineering
, Mining Engineering
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Education Prof. (Mrs.) Mary Haggai Arts Education
, Educational Foundation
, Science and Technology Education
, Social Science Education
, Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences
, Physical and Health Education
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Arts Prof. Tor Iorapuu English Language
, History and International Studies
, Foreign Languages
, Mass Communication
, Religion Philosophy
, Theater and Film Arts
, Linguistics and Nigerian Languages
, Archeology and Heritage Studies
, Music
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Agriculture Prof. Paul S. Amaza agricultural Economics & Extension
, Animal Production
, Crop Production
, The Farm
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Veterinary Medicine Prof. (Mrs.) Lami Lombin Theriogeniology and Production
, Veterinary Anatomy
, Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology
, Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology
, Veterinary Parasitology and Entolomology
, Veterinary Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology
, Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine
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